Medical Negligence

We place a lot of trust in medical professionals when unwell but unfortunately sometimes mistakes can be made and things may go wrong during routine or emergency medical treatment. Medical negligence such as this can have a devastating effect on your well being now and in the years to come. This can obviously be a very worrying and upsetting time and you and your family are entitled to know what went wrong.

Medical Negligence Hunt Solicitors Holywood

How We Can Help?

Hunt Solicitors approaches all medical negligence cases sensitively and proactively. Having extensive experience in handling a wide range of clinical negligence matters, we know how difficult it can be for clients to deal with what has happened to them or someone they love. On your behalf we will seek to get questions answered and compensation where possible – not only for the injury but potentially for loss of earnings, future care requirements and/ or funeral expenses.

Hunt Solicitors has experience in the following medical negligence areas:

Eligible for Legal Aid?

At your initial consultation we will carry out a free financial assessment to determine whether you are financially eligible for Legal Aid funding. Legal Aid means that the Northern Ireland Legal Services Agency can step in and cover all or part of your legal fees.

We will also advise you on the alternative methods of funding. Many people find that they have legal expenses insurance as part of their home insurance or can take out an ‘after-the-event’ insurance policy. It is our practice to be honest with clients and we will advise you if we believe your case has no merit. We do not want you needlessly running up legal bills if there is no obvious case to answer.

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