Commercial Conveyancing

When buying, selling or leasing business premises there are many potential legal risks to be aware of. The process of transferring the legal ownership of land, buildings, or property used for business purposes from one legal entity to another is defined as commercial conveyancing.

Understandably, commercial conveyancing can be a complex process to navigate through and there are many issues to consider. Careful management and proper legal guidance is essential if you are to avoid costly legal penalties and set-backs.

commercial conveyancing

How We Can Help?

Hunts Solicitors is here to make the process more manageable and to limit the risk associated with business acquisitions or disposals. We work with a whole range of businesses to handle their commercial conveyancing needs quickly and efficiently and understand the importance of working to deadlines to ensure you can get back to your day-to-day business operations.

Hunt Solicitors covers all the main Commercial Conveyancing areas, including:

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