Accidents & Claims

Having a serious accident can be very distressing, especially if the accident was a result of another person(s) wrong-doing or negligence. Not only will you likely be in discomfort or pain but you may also feel angry and distressed by the whole ordeal.

Common Accident Claims

Every year thousands of people in the United Kingdom suffer an accident which was not their fault. Whether at work, at home or when travelling, accidents can occur at any time and can have a huge impact on the individual concerned.

Some of the most commonly caused accidents are:

How We Can Help?

Hunt Solicitors is here for you no matter what accident you have endured due to someone else’s negligence. Our team has extensive experience with all kinds of accidents and claims over the years. We will work to support and advise you throughout the entire accident claim process – from arranging for you to see specialist Medical Consultants to ensuring you have legal representation in Court if your case requires it.

Eligible for Legal Aid?

Our experienced Litigation team will advise you fully from the outset about funding any potential claims and whether you are eligible for Legal Aid. If you are entitled to Legal Aid then the Northern Ireland Legal Services Agency can step in and cover all or part of your legal fees.

If you do not qualify for Legal Aid you may also find that your Home Insurance will cover legal costs. In any event, Hunt Solicitors will endeavour to achieve the payment of compensation with your Legal Costs being met by the other party.

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