Preparing for the future is always a good idea – never more so if you have a progressive illness or are advancing into older age. Some of us will reach a stage in our lives when we will be unable to make important life decisions relating to our assets and financial interests. If you are concerned that this may occur, or if it has happened to a member of your family, you should consider using the services of a Solicitor to appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Enduring Power of Attorney

By nominating an Enduring Power of Attorney, you are giving your consent that another individual can act in your best interests to deal with your affairs when you are unable to do so yourself. The person you nominate can do almost everything that you can do for yourself but you must name them when you are still fully capable of doing so. Often the nominated person is a close and trusted family member of friend, such as your adult son or daughter or your life partner. Some clients may even ask their solicitor to act as attorney for them solely, or together with a family member. Whomever is selected as the Enduring Power of Attorney, they will be named as such in the person’s Will and be called upon to make important decisions on their behalf should the need arise.

How We Can Help?

At Hunt Solicitors we can advise you on the creation of an Enduring Power of Attorney and if or when required, we will support and guide you through the important decisions which need to be addressed, such as in relation to property, savings and investments matters. We will endeavour to make the process as straight-forward as possible to avoid any added stress or uneasiness on their part.

Common areas which an Enduring Power of Attorney may need to make decisions upon include:

When no Enduring Power of Attorney exists the Office of Care and Protection, which is a division of the High Court, can appoint a Controller who is usually a relative. If this occurs we can help to obtain the necessary reports and prepare the relevant applications to the Court.

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