Probate & Administration of Estates

The death of a relative or loved one is never easy. Hunt Solicitors offer a full service to help minimise the difficulties that this can involve for those left behind.

Probate is the general term which refers to the procedure where the Will of the deceased is proved as the last valid Will.  On completion of this process a Court Order known as the Grant of Probate is issued by the Court. A different type of Order is obtained if the deceased did not have a Will; this is known as Letters of Administration.

These Court Orders give comfort to the banks, building societies and other financial institutions holding assets of the deceased that they will be releasing these assets into the names of the right personal representative, the Executors of the Will of the deceased.  The Executor of the Will is then obligated to distribute the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will and the law.

The Court is not allowed to issue the Grant of Probate until all the Inheritance Tax (IHT) has been paid. The forms associated with IHT are often complex but Hunt & Company can guide you through all aspects of the tax affairs relating to an estate.

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