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Divorce Law - Northern Ireland

Julie Tierney is the Family law practitioner within Hunt Solicitors and represents clients in all aspects of Divorce Law Northern Ireland.

How do I get a divorce?

You must be married for at least 24 months before you can issue divorce proceedings.
There are 5 legal reasons for divorce and your own personal circumstances will depend on which reason is available to you. If your spouse agrees to divorce, proceedings can go ahead uncontested. If your spouse is not agreeable to divorce this does not mean you cannot proceed, rather your divorce application will be contested.

What are my rights to maintenance and property if we separate?

If your spouse is the main ‘bread winner’ of the family then you may be entitled to spousal maintenance. You may also be able to make a claim for child maintenance. All assets and income owned by you and your spouse will be relevant to reaching an overall settlement agreement. This includes any assets in the sole name of one spouse including any pension. If your spouse retains any asset in his or her sole name it is very important that you seek legal advice immediately upon separation.

We have already agreed how to divide our income and assets, why should I bother issuing divorce proceedings?

Agreeing the division of your finances is a great achievement however it is important that you take steps to make such an agreement legally binding so that no attempt to make any further claim in the future can be made. Any agreement between you is made legally binding by issuing divorce proceedings.

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This article was written by Una Conway